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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'll give you a lookout so you can look out coming up. >> right now we take you live outside for a look at the golden gate bridge. smooth sailing on a very early part of a monday, august 20th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's 5:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. it's often ranked one of the safest cities, now there is concern that san jose police are equipped to deal with escalating crime. in six days, four people are dead, a number of others injured. bob is live with a look at how city leaders now and the community are trying to deal with this problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. yes, four homicides over the past week. police do not see this as being an upward trend, that's not how
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they are characterizing it. rather, it's anomaly according to the police chief moore. this map we're putting up on the screen shows the location of where those people were murdered. most of these crimes taking place last monday. there were two men shot in separate instances that day, and a third crime, a woman stabbed to death with a samurai sword. then yesterday morning the fourth homicide of the week, another man shot to death near south winchester. no arrests in that case. police are investigating whether at least some of these murders are gang related. mayor chuck reed says this violence shows the city needs more officers on the street. how to pay for it, though, is a point of contention. the mayor is arguing pension reform would help pay that bill. pension reform not exactly popular with the police department's rank and file. reporting live, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." >> a preliminary hearing will be held in the case of the san francisco man accused of impersonating a plastic surgeon. prosecutors say carlos garza operated a dermatology clinic without a medical license. he was arrested. eight other parents have come forward including two women claiming they were sexually assaulted. he faces more than 30 years behind bars. this morning an 81-year-old man is under arrest in the north bay for road rage. santa rosa police say 81-year-old harry e. smith of oakmont chased down a cyclist on the golf course before hitting him with his car thursday. smith was driving with a license that had been suspended because of a road rage incident that happened on 101. the cyclist's wrist was broken. smith was arrested on saturday.
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>> the oakland police department making a unique move giving the community the chance to help choose the officers policing their streets. today the department is inviting people in the neighborhood to sit on board panels and interview potential new hires. each panel will consist of three people including a member of the police department, a city employee and a community member. the panels last three days, they last for three days, the first will start this morning. >> 5:03. a bizarre twist in the steroid scandal involving melky cabrera. we're learning he may have tried to fool major league baseball with a creative cover-up that backfired. christie smith is live at at&t park in san francisco with details of an elaborate scheme that, again, may have backfired. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. a strange turn in this story. it's not looking good. this time reports that the
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giants all star's associate purchased some sort of website as part of a scheme to show that the outfielder inadvertently took a substance that led to a positive drug test that report fwid new york daily news. the idea apparently to create some sort of evidence so that cabrera could get out of his 50-game drug suspension. the associate apparently paid about $10,000 for that fake website but the daily news says that the plot started to backfire during the investigation into the tests. comcast sports net giants insider andrew baggerly says there is no chance that cabrera will return to the giants. >> obviously he didn't tell me the truth a few weeks ago when i asked him. he didn't tell the team trainers the truth or even his own teammates. it underscores why you probably are never going to see melky cabrera in a giants uniform again. >> now the matter has sparked a federal investigation. the lead investigator in the
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barry bonds balco scandal is involved. cabrera's agent saying they had no knowledge or dealings with any one associated with this website. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> tough thing to get out of. >> 5:05. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren to see what's happening on monday and beyond. >> hey, good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. back to work monday looking pretty good in the weather department. temperatures this morning are comfortable, in the 50s. 57 in concord. 57 here in san jose. meanwhile you might need a jacket in santa rosa at 50 degrees. throughout the next couple of weeks your morning lows will continue to drop off and so cold start, foggy mornings will make way to sunny afternoons. high pressure is firmly in control of our weather pattern. we clear out the fog between the hours of 12 and 1:00 at the coast, temperatures will climb into the mid-60s in san francisco, you'll hit about 80 degrees in redwood city.
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81 in los gatos and 80 degrees in san jose. do you know the way, let's find out what the drive looks like there and everywhere else. >> look over here. surprising how many people don't know where they are on the roads. we know we're 880. look at these. top of the screen, there is a little disabled vehicle going on on the off ramp at 23rd. use caution. the off ramp is open. in the orange, construction both directions for 880 between 66th and about fruitvale or 23rd through the same area. the bottom of the screen, the a's are playing at 7:05 so expect traffic starting at about 5:00. across the bay looking at the fog advisory. visibility is okay on the golden gate bring but in the area there is fog. you might need to use the wipers, there may be drizzle. a live look shows you how things are shaping up. a good flow of traffic. you can see the lights are visible halfway across the span. it's okay coming into the city side once you get here.
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another live look outside. this is san jose, northbound 101 under the 680/880 interchange. moving smoothly right now. back to you. >> thanks a lot. the airline a lot of people love for low fares is about to ding travelers. southwest airline raising rates on flights by $10 round trip that means about one third of their route. united and delta have matched those increases. flight attendants at american airlines voted to approve a new contract offer. they will avoid deeper cuts in bankruptcy court. the the court still needs to sign off on the flight attendants' new contract before it can go into effect. >> 5:07. waking up with the case of the mondays. you might be able to turn it around if you eat the right food for breakfast. we'll explain. >> i like to eat. >> and the controversial
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comments one congressman made about rape. >> for all of the latest news, traffic, weather and all sorts of spectacular things, on facebook, hanging out. here you go little man.
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>> are you awake? if not, take a look at downtown san jose. >> yes, i'm barely awake. >> jon's awake. 5:10. we'll check the forecast in a moment. now, though, on to decision 2012. damage control, a missouri congressman remarks 24 hours ago about rape and pregnancy have sent shock waves into communities across the country. the controversy has hit the
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presidential campaign. stephanie has more. good morning. >> good morning to you. the conservative republican todd akin made comments on ktiv fox 2 news in st. louis, that was yesterday morning when he made the remarks. an interviewer asked what he thought what should happen with women who have abortions after they have been raped. take a listen to what he had to say. >> it seems to me first of all, from what i understand from doctors, that's really rare, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that thing down. but let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. i think there should be some punishment but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. >> in an e-mail statement later he said he made a mistake partly saying in reviewing my off the cuff remarks it's clear i misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy i hold for the thousands of women who are raped each
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year. the ryan romney campaign released governor romney and congressman ryan disagree with mr. akin's statement and the administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape. akin who had major support from tea party conservatives also made other controversial remarks including comparing federal guarantees of student loans to stage 3 cancer and questioning federal funding for school lunches. akin won his primary two weeks ago. he was a favorite in unseating claire mccaskill. a lot of attention being paid here. we'll see what happens with that. >> we'll be watching. >> it's 5:12. this has been an interesting and at times a2wild ride. the jury in the apple samsung case could reach a verdict. scott says they will have plenty to play with in the jury room. >> lawyers in the case say they will provide jurors with dozens of cell phones to play with and
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examine as they come up with the decision, did samsung copy apple's iphone and ipad, or have the ideas been around for years? final arguments should come tuesday. the jury should get the case wednesday. apple wants $2.5 billion in damages but the judge in the case has hinted apple will not get it. meanwhile, this week we'll see the financial world of the long suffering hewlett-packard that comes wednesday. other companies have reported slower pc sales. maybe the most interesting news coming out of hp will be hp executives explaining how layoffs are going. cutting about 8% of its workforce. not to be a downer but mondays have not been very good on the stock market lately. let's turn to seema mody. tell me why i don't like monday? >> well, take a look at the markets. futures are somewhat flat as they come off a positive week.
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the dow and s&p 500 posting gains for six weeks. asian markets were mixed and europe is slightly higher at the moment. there is no economic data out this week. later this week reports on home sales and durable goods. the dow did rise 25 points on friday and the nasdaq closed up higher by around 14 points. in the big news, "the tonight show" laid off about two dozen staffers last week as part of budget cuts. reports say jay leno took a cut from 25 million to 20 million to try to save some jobs and other top executives took cuts. the show had been operating with a higher budget when it moved to the prime time schedule which fared poorly when it moved back to the current spot at 11:30 p.m., it never pared back its budget till now. >> thank you. coming up we'll look at the mars rover firing its laser for the
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first time. >> all right. thank you so much. 5:15. the olympic flag from the london games is in brazil. the flag made a grand entrance at the top of rio de janeiro's christ the redeemer statue. it was surrounded by flags of all of the countries that took part in the games and received blessings from seven religions. in november the flag will be moved to a new olympic monument that is under construction in rio's downtown district. >> ladies, an idea, we load up the nbc van and take a trip. >> shotgun. >> this sounds like a great idea. >> good morning to you. 5:15. let's take you out, show you what you're driving to work in, some thick pockets of fog. jon is exactly right, let's hit the beach. temperatures are going to be comfortable.
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in santa cruz, you can't beat it just about at room temperature. in the 50s, a crisp morning. mondays can be tough. always easier to sleep in when it's colder. 54 in oakland, 52 in san francisco. in the upper 50s in the south bay. high pressure brought us showers over the weekend. we had measurable precipitation in parts of the bay area. you can see that high pressure is finally starting to push over the four corners region where it belongs, we're going to get an area of low pressure that sits and spins in the pacific all week long ushering in a strong onshore flow and robust marine layer and temperature this is morning are comfortable. it's going to be pretty thick. hot conditions inland. we'll see the layer push out to livermore this morning. it's not going to be very thick tomorrow. it get as little deeper so we're going to cool you off more so and continue that cooling trend as we head throughout the upcoming week. so temperature thes are going to be in the 70s and 80s in san jose. 81 in santa teresa.
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tomorrow, cooler, we continue the cooldown wednesday and thursday then we hit our seasonal stride as of friday. 5:17. back to work monday can be hard but mike makes it a little bit easier. >> thank you. easier because i'm in the office now. we're looking at 580. slowing down, this is your typical i guess morning slow, coming out of the altamont pass. clear, slowing into the altamont. clear by the time you get to livermore and toward the dublin interchange for the tri-valley, smooth drive starting to pick up the volume at the interchange. a little slowing. down to the south bay, 680 and 880 move smoothly, a northbound flow t yellow, speeds down to about 60. also down just below the speed limit for el camino and through san jose. on our live cameras, the san mateo bridge, easy drive westbound with headlights down off the high rise.
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you can make out the smooth drive and the toll plaza. we'll get a live look to see the other bay bridge here, east shore freeway. you can see the low clouds around and fog may be an issue north but so far speeds okay for your morning commute. >> it's no secret the white house has seen all sorts of wild events but today the white house hosting something like it's never hosted before. first lady michelle obama welcoming 54 children to the white house for the first kids day dinner. the children were selected after being submitted for their favorite healthy lunch. they will be treated to a luncheon, a performance by a band, big time rush, and a visit to the white house kitchen. very cool. >> what a great experience. >> look forward to that. the key to beating the monday blues may lie in the foods that you choose. >> study shows that comfort
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foods including chocolate, strawberries and food with omega-3 fatty acids can have positive effects on mood. the effect may be in the flavors of such foods which are chemically similar to an acid which is a mood stabilizing drug. tea, raspberries and blueberries may have the effect. >> chocolate makes everything -- >> stick with the chocolate. >> 5:19. coming up, bad news for some college film students. >> the list of worst college majors coming up. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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>> welcome back. spanning san francisco, a live look out there with the lights glowing in the fog. low hanging clouds.
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christina loren will talk about when it will clear out and what sunshine you'll see. >> there's a new study which might leave undergrads with a major headache. business publisher kiplinger found the worst values in college majors. topping the list was anthropology. it has an unemployment rate at 10%, if you land a job chances are you will make $28,000 annually. other majors to make the list include fine arts, film, and graphic design. >> here's something that could help you beat the heat. today is national lemonade day. >> a pretzel maker is celebrating by giving away free drinks. i love it. customers can get a 7 ounce cup of lemonade at no charge. we like to save. you can check out the offer at the company's facebook page. they are at several bay area
5:23 am
shopping malls. >> you have a save for just about everything. 399. mike -- no, we're going to toss it to weather. christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got a great looking day shaping up. not too hot but hot enough for the lemonade inland. 91 degrees there, 76 bayside and 65 at the coast. as we head throughout the week temperatures tumble so we want to take you through the seven-day forecast. it's coming up. before you head out the front door ready to hit the hard work day. >> we're looking to the south bay. i want to focus on this one report. a little bit wlaf we have to offer you. looking at the south bay, we'll zoom in toward 101 northbound where there are reports of some sparking material being dragged behind a car. they checked, north toward 680, that's where they report the incident. we'll show you a live shot north
5:24 am
of there at tully road. there is the off ramp from the southbound side. dy see with our live camera some cruisers heading south to the area. then over the last minutes i have not seen any disturbance so it looks like they were able to take care of that. the advantage we have, having a couple of sources a. bay bridge toll plaza, more than a couple of sources here for congestion, some slowing at the toll plaza for the cash lanes but that's it. carquinez bridge down to the toll plaza. >> 5:24. day three of a difficult and dangerous swim for an american woman who was trying once again to cross the waters between cuba and florida. >> that woman is diana nyad. she started saturday from havana. this is a 62-year-old's fourth try and this time she's swimming out a protective shark cage. as of sunday night she traveled
5:25 am
28 miles looking and feeling good and was said to be taking advantage of ideal conditions with calm seas and little wind. she says it should take about 60 hours to complete that phenomenal journey. good luck. >> i know a little about this. she -- how does she consume snood >> i never asked her that. i know her but i never asked her. she has a group that travels so i'm sure they hand orwhatever. lots ever nutrients needed. >> one year ago today can you believe it there was a white dress, a string quartet and wedding vows. >> but we're not talking about will and kate. we're talking strangely about kim and chris. august 20 would have been the one-year anniversary for miss kim kardashian and her former basketball player husband kris humphries. probably no celebration. kardashian filed for divorce a mere 72 days after saying i do.
5:26 am
we really all thought this might last. the divorce and the drama still dragging on and legal proceedings could continue until next year. nothing says love like legal proceedings. >> 72 days? i date longer than that. >> congratulations. keep up the good work. >> i'm working on it. 5:26. more trouble for the milk man. the giants player facing accusations of hiring people to cover up his alleged steroid use. >> lou about how about this. a boost for the sailors. the unusual phenomenon pushing the races into high gear. good morning! wow.
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>> reporter: more bad news for the milk man. there are reports this morning that one of his associates bought a fake website on his behalf to try to fool major league baseball. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: what san jose police have to say about all of the violence taking place the
5:29 am
past several days in the city limits. that story coming up. >> and we're going to heat you up today, temperatures soaring by 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday. that means the 90s return inland, 80s and 70s bayside and 60s at the coast. your full forecast in a few moments. >> may mean changing driving conditions. i'll give you the warning chp gave me. >> a live look outside, no, hard to tell what that is. that is the embarcadero in san francisco, very fogged in this morning. on this monday, august 20th, this is "today in the bay." >> it's 5:29. good morning everybody. always happy to have you with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. new details are unfolding in the steroid scandal around giants all star melky cabrera. christie smith is live at at&t park with the unusual steps he is accused of taking to cover up
5:30 am
his alleged drug use. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. another strange turn. really, a troubling allegation that one of melky cabrera's associates bought a phony website on his behalf to, basically, try and explain away a positive drug test, that according to the new york daily news. the scheme fell apart as the giantsll star prepared his case to challenge the test. major league baseball announced the 50-game suspension. according to the daily news the associate paid $10,000 for the website with the plan to try and fool major league baseball by suggesting that cabrera ordered a supplement that was spiked with testosterontestosterone. andrew baggerly says there is no chance that cabrera will return to the giants. >> it just shows the depth of the level of deception that melky cabrera has gotten into
5:31 am
since the test came out. >> reporter: the case is heating up. federal investigators now involved including those who looked into the balco scandal. cabrera's agent saying they had no knowledge or dealings with anyone associated with this website. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> happening now a state of emergency under way in parts of northern california, fast moving wild fires rage out of control east of redding near manton. the ponderosa fire it's called started on saturday morning destroying seven homes and forcing nearly 4,000 people out of their homes. about 1,000 firefighters are working hard battling the fire including several crews from here in the bay area. about 20 square miles have been burned and officials say they have yet to make headway containing this thing. crews say they are dealing with
5:32 am
extremely dry conditions and steep rugged terrain. >> there's a lot of dirt roads, logging roads we're using but we're relying on some of our aircraft and bulldozers going in building new lines to help us get our firefighters down in there. >> investigators say there is a chance it could have been sparked by lightning. this fire one of 14 major wild fires burning across the state. >> new this morning the chp is investigating a deadly crash in antioch overnight. this happened on highway 4 a. man was heading east when he pulled off the road and got out. officers say the man was trying to cross the highway when he was hit by an ambulance. he died at the scene. officers say he left his car running when he got out. they are trying to determine whether the man committed suicide. >> san jose leaders say they are troubled by a recent wave of crime in the south bay in less
5:33 am
than a week, four people have been killed and the number of others injured. bob redell is live in san jose with a look at how city leaders and the community are trying to deal with this growing problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in the past several hours another person, a man, has been shot in san jose. officers found this man with at least one gunshot wound around 9:00 last night on the 1600 block of east san antonio street. last report from police his injuries are possibly life threatening f. you look at what's happened in san jose since monday there has been a lot of violence. this map we put up shows the location of where four were murdered over the past week, monday a man was shot in his car. later that day a man killed a woman with a sword outside a walgreen's a. vigil planned for her tonight a. 21-year-old man was also shot that day. he ended up dying wednesday.
5:34 am
and then yesterday morning another man was shot and killed, that taking place near south winchester. that is four homicides, doesn't include other crimes in which people were seriously hurt. >> the gangs are getting ridiculous. >> i don't want to be walking around wearing the wrong colors. i threw away my blue and red shirts. i don't want to take no risk. >> police are looking into whether at least some of the homicides are gang related. police don't see this as an upward trend. the chief characterized it as an anomaly. the mayor has argued that pension reform would help, not very popular with a lot of officers on the force. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 5:34. the man accused of breaking into steve jobs' home will face a judge. the 35-year-old kareem mcfarland
5:35 am
is expected to enter a plea. police say he stole apple gadgets and jobs' wallet. mcfarland reportedly gave a stolen ipad to a friend who used to the play music. the friend said he had no idea it belonged to the late apple co-founder or that it was stolen until police showed up. federal officials are in the bay area working to prevent hate crimes in the wake of a shooting at a wisconsin sikh temple. hague told the audience when she began her job president obama and eric holder tasked all u.s. attorneys with reaching out to diverse communities. in the aftermath of the wisconsin shooting, which left six people dead, she wants to reassure the community. >> this community unfortunately witnessed the worst of human behavior and the worst of human
5:36 am
hatred. i hope you have also seen the outpouring of support for the americans around the country who are truly heartbroken by what happened to this community. >> hague added that the sikh community has the backing of the department of justice, federal law enforcement as well as state and local law enforcement a. member of the fbi was on hand to stress the same message. >> tomorrow's america's cup preliminary races should be running at full speed with nice help from mother nature. nice temperatures are expected to produce an unusual phenomenon. all of the warm air mixes with the cooler waters, the wind s increase. the sailors we talked to say they cannot wait for the race to start. >> san francisco famous for its strong winds. we had it today. beautiful sunshine. you can't ask for better conditions. >> good to me. the preliminary races will be
5:37 am
san francisco's first taste of that america's cup. the competition will start next year. >> meteorologist christina loren is all over the america's cup forecast. let's talk about today. >> we'll take a closer look certainly at that america's cup forecast tomorrow but this is an indication of what no wind does in the city by the bay. you lose the wind, and the fog is able to settle right to the surface. that's what's happening this morning. throughout the afternoon that for this afternoon, it will be gusty at about 5:00, on future cast. set that thing in motion, at 7:00, you can see we're going to see the marine layer deepen and push inland by 7:00, even a little drizzle. you want to keep that in mind. give yourself extra time this morning. as we progress throughout the week this will be the ca. a deeper marine layer each morning. stop the clock at noon and you can see mostly sunny conditions
5:38 am
over the the greater bay area. it's going to be a nice day. your hour by hour forecast tells the story. 78 degrees at noon inland, up to 91 at 4:00. 76 bay side, at the coast about 65 degrees in san francisco today. so we're going to take through changes. my seven-day forecast sin my next report. 5:38. first here is mike. >> pointing out a couple of issues for oakland. the stalled vehicle has cleared off north 880 but now we have a fender bender north 880 at fifth. embarcadero off ramp that may cause slowing because the right lane is blocked. the off ramp is clear, it's approaching it. crews reported between high street and fruitvale so keep that in mind. there may be slowing. at the bottom of the screen the a's play at 7:05 so traffic likely through the area. pre-work slowing at the dublin interchange. 580 slow out of the tri-valley and north on 680 up to san ramon. no big surprise there. the build continues for the alta mont pass so more folks coming
5:39 am
to the area. a live look to the south, 880, coming north of these headlights, 280/17 interchange all smooth but starting to pick up the volume. the golden gate bridge, light volume we talked about fog for the north bay, that may be the case on the north side of the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. 5:39. still ahead it's a comment that has sparked a national fire storm on abortion sending shock waves through the presidential campaign. we'll explain. >> and the new mars rover is ready to rock 'n roll. the first big road trip up on the red planet.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> welcome back. it's 5:41 now. nasa is working toward getting its rover curiosity on the move. it cups after a successful test
5:42 am
over the weekend. claire leka is live on capitol hill this morning with details on the rover's successful laser blast. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. it was quite a successful laser blast. zapping its first martian rock on sunday. scientists want to analyze the softball sized rock named the n 1-65, for its mineral composition. the target practice was a success. in 10 seconds it fired 30 pulses at the rock, burning a small hole into it. since landing in the crater two weeks ago the rover has been checking out itsç instruments including the laser. mars curiosity's overall mission is to find out if there is life on mars or if there was life on mars. up this week they want to get the mars curiosity rover on the
5:43 am
move. they are going to do that from nasa's lab in pasadena, california. that will -- they will command it from there. they are going to get it to move about 1300 feet to a place called glenn elg. this is where three types of terrain intersect and they want to check out what type of rock formations are there and maybe use the curiosity's drill. we're live in washington. marla? >> thanks so much. >> to decision 2012. the campaign of course coming right down to the wire, that mean as flurry of visits from across the country this week to some key battle ground states. new hampshire one of 13 contested states that will decide the 2012 election. both sides are campaigning there with 11 weeks to go. today, mitt romney and paul ryan pairing up in new hampshire again for a joint town hall
5:44 am
meeting, this comes a week before they were set to appear together again at the republican convention in tampa. >> at one point thought they would split up in the week before the convention but now they are going to be together. the dynamic duo out in new hampshire. >> as far as president obama, he returns to campaigning tomorrow with a battleground double header, he will be in ohio before heading to nevada on wednesday. >> what was once considered by many a likely win for republicans in their efforts to take control of the senate, now very much up in the air and this coming after one missouri state congressman made very controversial and strange remarks about rape and pregnancy. stephanie chuang has the details and of course all of the fallout that is rippling through the race for the white house. good morning. >> good morning. that's from conservative republican todd akin who is now trying to distance himself from his own comments that he made in an interview yesterday morning in st. louis.
5:45 am
a reporter asked him if he supports abortion for women who have been raped. this is how akin responded. >> from what i understand from doctors that's really rare, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. let's assume maybe that didn't work or something, i think there should be some punishment but the punishment ought to be on the rapist, not attacking the child. >> he later said he made a mistake, part of the statement reading, quote, in reviewing my off the cuff remarks it's clear that i misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy i hold for the thousands of women who are raped and abused every year. but as you may expect the romney/ryan campaign response was almost immediate, reading quote governor romney and congressman ryan disagree with mr. akin's statement. akin a key party candidate won his primary two weeks ago.
5:46 am
many analysts considered him a favorite to unseat democratic senator claire mccaskill. it would be a big win for republicans who are trying to take control of the senate. akin also making other recent controversial remarks including some comparing federal guarantees of student loans to stage 3 cancer and questioning federal funding for school lunches. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> welcome to the new work week. let's check the monday forecast with christina loren. >> always changing around here but you know what, great news. it's not going to be too hot nor too cool. as we head out the front door we have fog in san francisco this morning. san jose's relatively clear, but i can tell you mostly cloudy conditions will be the case for the greater bay area. at least until mid morning. if you live at the coast or over the bay, near the bay, temperatures are going to be a little cool until about noon and then you'll see a lot of
5:47 am
sunshine. it's going to take a while for the sun to break through the cloud layer. 53 in san francisco. good morning to you. 50 in santa rosa and 54 in livermore. it's crisp. our morning lows are going to get cooler as our days get shorter. a month away from the official start of fall. although some kids are already back at school. as we head throughout the day today, if you're getting your kids ready to head back to school make sure they are ready for the cool parts of the day. it will be on the hot side in livermore later on in the low 90s. yesterday it was phenomenal. we broke into mid-80s across the bay so it will be warner today by 3 to 5 degrees so we're going to take down to where we ended up yesterday as we head through tomorrow. so, no extremes this week. looking very seasonal in terms of where you are temperatures are headed each afternoon. we have changes, though, as we get into the weekend. temperatures will start to creep up a little bit. so 91 today in livermore, 80 san jose, 66 san francisco, 78 in oakland. throughout tomorrow, we'll take
5:48 am
your temperatures down a touch, even more so wednesday to thursday. then as we head into the weekend, temperatures will approach the 90-degree mark. really staying comfortable, seasonal and as i said before, only one month left of summer so enjoy it if you can. if you have to head back to work, hold on. mike can show you what may slow you down. >> i apologize while you were away i copied down numbers so i have the north bay shots here and look at this, this data now that we copied off the weather system. this orange area where fog might affect your drive. you don't see major slowing but we see 101 as well as highway 1 in the north bay going to be affected. as you get south the bulk of the commute starting to head to novato and 101 and there we see visibilities all right and a smooth drive through san rafael. in the east bay we still follow this, the accident, the fender-bender northbound 880 around fifth and also the construction crew on the east shore around gilman but no major
5:49 am
slowing, the volume starting to pick up a tad. some slowing right around the area through downtown, the embarcadero, this might still be in your right lane so allow for traffic to flow. no big deal. we'll look to the south bay for the maps and looking at a smooth flow northbound starting to push. we're seeing slowing north of 680 and further up in palo alto an easy drive. 101 moves smoothly past university avenue. there is the shopping center. and the south bay, 101 and 280 a nice flow between the city and the south bay itself. >> thank you very much. i'll take this one. you can relax. a heads up now. a major food recall this morning affecting romaine lettuce that's grown, packaged and sold in northern california. the supplier voluntarily recalling a lot of ro main labeled field fresh hingle head
5:50 am
romain. the heads were shipped to 19 states including california, puerto rico and canada. >> 5:50. gas prices are on the rise again. the trend began last week after more than 100 days of holding below 2011 prices. the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.72, that's 29 cents more than one month ago. here in the bay area the average price for a gallon ever regular are higher, in san francisco it is $4.20, oakland $4.14 and in san jose $4.15, that's about 35 cents more than a month ago. >> maybe time to ride the schwinn to work. run is a good idea too. coming up one of the rarest cars in the world and it just sold. wait until you hear how much a
5:51 am
1936 roadster sold for. >> facebook causing ang gish for soldiers. and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. so do something nice for it. for ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. it tastes real good, and it's good for you. i use it to make our refreshing cranberry lemonade. ahh! summer. find all our recipes at
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>> welcome back everybody on a monday morning. 5:53 now. we can tell you one of the rarest cars has a new owner. >> last night an unidentified bidder paid $10.7 million at the pebble beach tour de elegance for this 1963 mercedes roadster. untouch forward three decades the car was an automotive time capsule when it was found. maps of new york city filled the door pockets. pink lipstick stained cigarette
5:54 am
butts in the ashtray. sound like i'm reading a book. the roadster is believed to be one of about a dozen in the world, believed or not it's not the most expensive car to sell at auction. someone paid $16.4 million last year for a 1957 ferrari. >> serious car lovers. wall street gets back to work. scott says it's happening with a record number of numbers. >> i could play it for you on monday and it would say mondays are lousy on wall street. it would say facebook shares are at a record low. that's pretty much a broken record. grew upon likely headed lower as well. that would work for practically any monday including this one. >> an interesting article in "the new york post" quoted an army psychologist saying 80% of the troops he sees complain of a problem that in some way involves facebook. many seeing pictures of significant others back home, girlfriends and wives, at
5:55 am
parties and feeling uncomfortable. the best solution he can have is to get the soldier on the phone with the wife or the girlfriend to get everything explained. 80% of all army psychology visits have something to do with facebook. >> hard to believe. >> very high. not shocking when you think about what happens on facebook. christina loren taking care of our weather. what's happening? >> good morning to you. week got a good looking day and great looking week shaping up. happy to report that right off the bat on a monday morning. 91 inland, 76 bay side at the coast you'll hit about 65 degrees. we have fog out there but only reduces visibility in the north bay and the santa rosa area. elsewhere visibilities looking good. we'll let you know as that changes. here is mike. >> we're looking here now where visibility, but the slowdown because of the number of cars. in the 20s as you come off of the merge, 205 at 580.
5:56 am
clear of the altamont pass you have general slowing through livermore. the build around north livermore as well as the dublin interchange. clear through castro valley. northbound 238 shows the build. a live look shows you the bay bridge toll plaza. the volume starts to build and the cash lanes start the slowdown. speeds still close to 60 and that's great news through berkeley and emeryville. >> mike, thanks. >> 5:56. still ahead on "today in the bay," more violence in san jose over the weekend as police are calling for more support. how city leaders are responding. >> this is downtown san jose on this early monday morning. starting to wake up. hope you are too. >> another shot, san rafael the curve there. that's worth the price. you never know what's going to happen. good morning! wow.
5:57 am
want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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5:59 am
>> struck and killed at 65 miles an hour. the deadly ambulance crash on an east bay highway. >> the south bay city once ranked safest in the country now seeing a surge of violence on the streets. >> the question is, was there a cover-up in the clubhouse? how a giants outfielder reportedly tried to scam his way out of a steroid suspension. >> and we hit that summer stride. weather staying consistent just about all week long. that means upper 80s, low 90s inland, 60s and 70s bayside and 60s at the coast. changes, though, we'll talk about those coming up. >> as we see the volume starts to bump up for the south bay, a new accident on 680. i'll give you the latest coming up. >> giving you a live look, this is the golden gate bridge toll maz as people make their way in and out o


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